The NZNWS is made up of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We are always looking at expanding our team. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us.

Sai K.Honig – CISSP, CCSP
Co-founder of NZNWS

Security Consultant, AWS NZ


Sai is co-founder of NZ Network for Women in Security and currently working for AWS NZ. Originally from the United States, Sai Honig has worked in differing roles in various industries. Prior to working in information security, Sai worked as a design engineer in the aerospace industry and worked on projects in the commercial, defence and space programs. Sai’s IT experience is in the governance, audit, supply chain, risk management, and security of IT. Her industrial experience includes manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

Sai’s cybersecurity interests are in secure use of cloud technologies and have been a long-time member of Cloud Security Alliance.  She currently sits on CSA’s Asia Pacific Research Advisory Committee.  In addition to NZNWS, Sai supports women by writing for Women in Security magazine.

Sai served as a board member of (ISC)2 from 2017 to 2019.  In 2020, Sai was recognized as one of 20 Cybersecurity professionals in IFSEC Global influencers in security and fire.

Tash Bettridge – CCFA, MCT
Co-founder of NZNWS

Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft NZ


Tash is the co-founder of the New Zealand Network for Women in Security and currently working at Microsoft NZ. Tash transitioned from teaching to a career working in Cybersecurity. While she was studying her undergrad, she interned at PwC, contracted as a Cybersecurity Consultant and interned at Google Australia. During her undergrad, she faced challenges of being one of a few women taking Networking and Cybersecurity classes and was curious to understand why there weren’t many women taking those subjects. This led to her completing her undergrad and moving towards a masters degree that focuses on increasing the representation of women in cybersecurity.

Amina Aggarwal –
NZNWS Board Member

Security Design Consultant/Technical Lead


Amina has a broad range of experience that is more than 10 years in Information Technology. She is currently working as a Security Design Consultant at Spark for the largest ISP in New Zealand and provides cyber security advise to Spark’s internal and external customers. She is the Winner of 2021 Women in Security Awards NZ (Analyst category) has been awarded by DEFSEC (Defence Security New Zealand) magazine for going above and beyond her duties as a cyber security professional .

Amina has been involved with the New Zealand Network for Women in Security (NZNWS) as an administrator since 2020. She has committed to giving her time to Cybersecurity events globally. She aims to empower women by exemplifying that if she can do it anyone can do it. In her recent community event, she shared her experience as a Security Analyst, she presented her experience to a global audience. The event was called A Day in the life of SOC: Woman’s Perspective with the partnership of WiCys and Workday.

She also represented WiCyS in the panel discussion at a global security event hosted by Devo and ITSP Magazine to acknowledge Analysts for the work done in the cyber security field called “SOC Analyst Appreciation Day”.

She has been involved in various other programs such as CyberConnect program for mentoring University of Maryland students.

Abby Zhang – MCT, CISA
Auckland NZNWS Chapter Lead

Security Researcher, SheLeadsTech Liaison & Board Member, ISACA Auckland Chapter


Abby Zhang is a Security Analyst, Cloud and Fintech Security Researcher based in Aotearoa. Abby is an experienced cybersecurity and technology risk professional with years of professional experience in auditing, internal control, risk management and IAM. Abby has previously worked in large CPA Firms in China, where she worked in the banking and insurance sector. 

Abby moved to Aotearoa and studied for a Graduate Diploma in Computing from Unitec Institute of Technology in 2020. This is where she found and developed her passion for cloud security, fintech security, penetration testing, ABI, machine learning, and data science.

In her spare time, she is playing HacktheBox labs where she has a Pro Hacker Rank and preparing for the OSCP. She is also a volunteer for Parkrun NZ and a Community Patroller for Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ).

Ann Babuji – ITIL
NZNWS Ambassador

Information Security Analyst


Ann is an ITIL certified IT Engineer who started her career in 2007 as an Analyst Programmer with a US-based IT firm back in India. She moved to Qatar in 2009 and worked as a System Analyst with Postal Corporation and later as a Web Developer with a Canadian College. Ann is passionate about refining herself and completed a Master of Engineer Practice (MEP) from Victoria University in Wellington, specializing in cybersecurity. Today she works as an Information Security Analyst with the Ministry of Justice and has a passion to be involved with the NZNWS to inspire a few young women in their journey. 

Ann has experience in supporting diverse clients in cross-cultural environments which have strengthened her ability to communicate effectively and meet customer requirements. During this new normal era, her journey to master’s and finding a career in cybersecurity was a challenge. Today, as she reflects back on all her experiences, this has helped mould her personality and career. Ann just wants to tell the younger generation that there will be a sunrise after every sunset.

Ama Halo
NZNWS Ambassador

Security Analyst


Amaryah (Ama) Halo is an Information Security Analyst who joined our team as an ambassador. She graduated in 2021 where she studied papers in computer science, political science, and international relations. She credits her academic studies with helping her understand cybersecurity and the impact it has on an individual and global level. Ama says it was the lack of Pasifika wāhine within the industry which had an immense impact on her decision to pursue a career in cybersecurity. She recently discovered her passion for incident response, SOC analysis, and security awareness. Outside of work, Ama looks for avenues which will help increase Pasifika representation in the tech industry.”

Grace Lee – CCFA, OSCP
NZNWS Ambassador

SOC Team Leader, Penetration Tester


Grace Lee is the SOC team lead and professional pentester at Cyber Research, adept at all aspects of SOC operations including Threat Hunting, SIEM operation, and management. She is also regularly involved in Red Team projects and engaged in NZNWS events. Her academic background is based on hardware engineering so she’d like to play around with electronics with Arduino and raspberry pi.

Grace’s passion for Cyber Security carries through to her personal life publishing articles on her Red/Blue team security experiments. Her qualifications:

BEng (Comp) (Hons) the University of Canterbury, Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) [2020], LogRhythm Platform Administrator (LRPA) [2019], CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator, HackTheBox: Pro Hacker Rank.

Want to join us?

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