Mentoring is a great part of sharing your knowledge with others who are interested in starting off in cybersecurity. According to the latest survey conducted by NZNWS, mentoring is a hugely important part of career progression. When survey responders were asked Have you considered mentoring others in cybersecurity?

  • 35.9% of the responders selected that they were interested in mentoring others.
  • 25% of the responders had selected Yes, but there are some barriers preventing them from doing this.
  • 14.1% of the responders selected that they are currently mentoring.
  • 4.7% of the responders said they would like to mentor someone when they have time.

Over 60% of our responders said they were interested in mentoring others in cybersecurity.

If you are interested in mentoring others that are in the industry or are thinking about joining the industry, or even if you feel like you need support.

Other Mentoring Groups

There are other mentoring groups in Aotearoa, New Zealand that we recommend.